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Juicing Fast Reloaded Part 1

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A follow-up post to my 100 day of juicing fast with additional information to help you get started.


There and back again…

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At the start of my juicing fast, I was 250 lbs on November 3rd, 2012 and now, as of January 13, 2013, I am 218 lbs. I have dropped 32 pounds in just a little over a 2 month period and a total of 69 lbs since the summer of 2011.



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Having heart and knowing that with it you settle for nothing; without it you simply exist. You can choose to do nothing, to never try, or you can persist beyond all measure of the chance to succeed just for the benefit of knowing you gave it your all.


The Portfolio Identity

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I suppose the very people who are going to overlook this post are the very people that this is being written for. If you’re a Graphic/Print/Web designer, then this post isn’t really for you, because you already (or should already) know the reasons why you should have one. For everyone else who was not previously mentioned, please follow along.

During the course of working in various advertising agencies, in-house departments and everything in-between, you more than likely worked on a slew of projects that are behind closed doors and locked cages. You contributed blood, sweat and tears into new branding concepts and advertising campaigns, only to lock them down behind barred walls for others to view as they pass by. And you move on as the next new beast comes into your zoo. This cycle continues to repeat itself. Each time some new design was completed and approved that designer(s) quickly took a snapshot for him/herself, because they knew what it meant: Another proof of their mastery and skill. Another proof of their contribution and completed work in taming the beast that was your project. But my question to you is: what about you?


Weekend: Away!

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There and back again… The weekend of 8/21 finally came and went, and I was able to participate in a mini vacation with friends. We went to Captiva Island, which is on the southwest Florida coastline. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to have a mini vacation (not including the two recent bachelor parties, ;p ), let alone a real one. Although it was only for a day and a half; it’s a start. While we tried to snorkel (my first time), the water appeared a bit too…read more


A piece of the sky

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Today counts as the first day that I have written a blog post using my new iPhone 4. No, I am not gloating, but I am really enjoying the device and all the functionality that comes with it. I am typing this post using the wordpress app that I just downloaded. I just had to enable an XML feature within my self-hosted WordPress blog and I was off. The interesting thing that even caused me to question using the WordPress app was the pic that I took when I went…read more


I just realized…

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Again All the things that you want out of life, but can not have. Those tender moments that are sometimes so sweet and peculiar that you know you will never experience them again. Or, just the yearning for something that will always outpace you. These are the thoughts that always haunt me. Everyday, it’s the realization of an explicit rule that somewhere along the lines became written without my consent or knowledge. And it strips everything from me. It dangles the possibility in front of me, while pulling it away…read more


Consoles Killed The Arcade Star

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Get In The Game (or out of it?) As a child of the late 70’s (1977), I was part of the generation that grew up playing video games, both at home and at the arcade. When I think back on my history with this illusory past time, I remember all the fun and excitement that I had with playing them. Yet, at some point in my life I grew past playing video games all the time. I don’t quite recall when the turning point was, but I also know it never…read more


Where are you?

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The title says it all and to be honest, I’ve been very busy with a few things. I haven’t forgotten about this blog, but I have been neglecting it (can you really neglect a blog?). I’m committed to continue writing and expressing my opinions and thoughts. I’ve had a few of my readers (wow, I actually have a few, that’s awesome!) ask me if I have any more planned content…


running without condition update

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I wanted to take a brief moment and make a new post. I haven’t posted in a while, because I’ve been setting up this blog and trying to mold it into something that I was comfortable with. I’m at a point that I am happy with its current version, but I am just lacking a logo at this point. That will be coming soon. Setting up my own site, installing wordpress (manually), finding and editing themes, installing a comment system,working with plugins; essentially creating the initial building blocks of my…read more

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