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I’m still becoming acquainted with WordPress. I know, I know, you look back at my last post in November and you must be thinking, “it is taking you THIS long?”.  However, the surface can still be misleading; I abruptly stopped learning about WordPress right after that post and just recently came back to it today.  Fact is, somethings have changed in WordPress since that day when I put in even a small amount of effort.  Now, I have come back using the “vigilence” theme for right now.  Still a bit frustrated that I can’t seem to figure out why when I put tags on my post, the tags have to be above and indented to the right of the actual post in this theme I am using.  I would rather the tags that associate with my blog be placed underneath the post they are attributed to.  Further, I can not seem to institute a “tag cloud” and not have to show the same “tags” with my post.  In other words, in my perfect world, I would like to have a tag cloud on my page without the same tags show up again with my blog post.  Maybe I should learn how to code my own layout… nah!

On an entirely separate note, I will be using this space for all sorts of stuff, beyond my “personal” writing, maybe stories and other creative endeavors.  Additionally, to share my opinion for those that care on anything and as such, I think the Please Feed The Animals blog (the site describes itself as: a blog for the recently unemployed advertising professional) is quite interesting for those that are looking to further their careers after being laid off, or looking to move forward with another company or endeavor. Please check it out!

March 9, 2009: Update– I just saw in my stats that some site traffic was directed to me from: http://condron.us. I was interested in seeing what this is, so I went to the site.  It appears to be a site that aggregates published blogs and then rotates them on the main page.  This is cool, because it means that I must’ve been published to the main page for a brief moment.  Awesome!