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An interesting development

I’ve been looking at my blog stats lately and I am noticing a continuous increase in the number of people that are visiting my site, either directly or via referral links from other sites.  Today I just hit the highest number of blog views of 52 and yet, the day is not over.  I know most people would look at that and go, “so”, but for me it is quite exciting.  I suppose you could say it’s even been a little bit addictive, knowing that people are interested in reading what I am posting.  I’ve noticed that a lot of referrals have come from http://condron.us, a website that I briefly explained about in my “And on it goes…” post (read the March 9th update at the bottom).  I used to write a lot in high school, mostly fiction stories.  I did this, because I enjoyed it, as it was a great outlet, but I also got into the habit of my friends reading them and telling me what they thought.  As time went on, and especially when I entered college, I stopped writing.  Mostly, due to the time commitment that my studies required, which I felt burnt me out (all the reports that I had to write and etc…), but also due to the fact that I had no one to read or show interest in my stories.

Times are different now and although I have fictional ideas to write about, I haven’t yet started that back up again.  My blogs as of late have been more introspective and opinionated.  I won’t write simply for the idea of someone reading it, but I want to continue this as best as I can and when the ideas come in.  In the end, I just want to say “thank you” to everyone that is reading and enjoying my blog posts.  I encourage everyone to leave their feedback/comments (whether agreeable or not) on my blog, as I am interested in what you are thinking after you’ve read what I have had to say.  I like the engaging aspects that writing has on people.  



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