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 What Lies Within

Our surroundings are like a cloud. Grey and hazy. It’s where we hide. It’s where we lie. Walls govern this inner world that we often close off from the outside world.  But in our hidden sanctums, we possess a desire to attain and gain to fill in the emptiness of our surroundings. In this perpetual accumulation, we enter ourselves on to a path of self importance. Even when we say that what we have or what we want is for our own need, often times we can not wait to go and show it to others, or to someone. To prove that we have risen and triumphed. To be accepted into a life that we so often feel that we are not a part of. These items define us and often times help to hide us from the world outside of what we call our home; our shelter and escape.

So often we put all our hopes and dreams into the materialistic that when they fail or become lost, we become destructive in their absence. Destructive isn’t just a means to an end, nor does it mean that we become violent, but that we fall outside of our comfort due to what is lacking and in trying to find out where it’s at; who we loaned it to; and how we’re going to replace it, we never consider the cost of having placed so much significance on the material itself. We are compelled to justify our existence. This has become our human nature. This is the telling of our significance

Herein lies the audacity: The idea that we are so insignificant that what we own, where we live and that which we constantly try to attain has taken such a precedence in our own existence, that we use it to define our significance. It is so common place now that we do it without knowing; without it even being intentional. It is the accepted standard. It is part of the reason why our lives and the lives of other people seem to become increasingly unimportant.  This has lead many of us towards apathy.

Because of this, the valuation of our life is governed solely by what we can see, touch and utilize. The upscaling of our desires are the creation of our lies. And in this perpetual cycle, we continue the degradation of each other. The machinations that rule our lives, do so without even knowing their importance or the means with which we let them in to do their unintended bidding. It is as if we need others to justify our significance by heralding what we own and have, when what we really need are others who simply care for our well being and that we give back to them the same in return. Life isn’t, nor should it be, about defining ourselves from the success that we make in our fortunes or in the materialistic possessions that we gather over the course of our lives. These can be lost and replaced. Those that surround us that hope for our best; push us when we stumble; forgive us for our ignorance; place upon us the very best of hopes and dreams, and strive to ensure the importance in our lives are that which we should never forsake.* 

What would happen if this idea of life not being based on the materialistic became increasingly important to each of us and overshadowed the easy, lifeless vices that we self impose to govern our happiness; especially given the situation that many of us are finding ourselves in, because of recent economic conditions? What if we learn to appreciate what we once took for granted; for the way of life that we once had, and place emphasis on what matters most: us. Not individuals or gifts, but us?  The idea of going forward in these difficult, complicated and changing times with a renewed importance to us and for the beneficial success of us is what should be at the forefront of our new way of life, and how we deal with each other going forward.  It is hopeful that we all will find our way together again and proceed with a greater realization and appreciation of where we are coming from in order to pave a better path to where we are headed.



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*This paragraph was written by me to a friend, but I thought it to be a just fit for this piece. **Originally posted on myspace, April 13, 2008.  Edited and updated, March 22, 2009.