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I have decided to take part in Earth Hour 2009.  At 8:30pm, EST, I will be shutting off my lights in my room (share a house with others and I don’t believe they are participating) to show my support for this moment.  It also may be a good time to turn other things off and contemplate for this hour about how life is and how I want it to be.  To re-focus on myself and to continue with my commitment of forward momentum and a positive outlook.  I am just about all moved out of my place and have a few things to continue on, before I am done.  I am still surprised how life is and how it constantly shifts.  To think that I was close to having to go back to live with my mom or dad, but have been offered a gracious opportunity to reside with a former co-worker.  As I previously wrote about in my Contemplation post, it’s amazing what happens when you look in a new direction.  These times may seem like nothing but a haze of darkness, but don’t stop persisting and continue trying to be as positive as you can.  I know many people are going to blog or tweet during this Earth Hour, but I choose to sit and focus on my life and the direction it is headed.  I’m hopeful for the best, even if it seems a bit bleak.  I refuse to give up or to give in.  I simply refuse to stop moving positively forward.

Good day world and have a happy Earth Hour!



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