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Ok, so quick post on the state of a few things.  First, I completed my taxes last night.  After a 7 hour ordeal (had to do mine and my mom’s taxes), it is done.  Half of this time was me procrastinating and complaining about having to do taxes.  I really do believe in the removal of the IRS and in place of it a “fair tax” only system, or hey, no taxes at all.  I mean, it’s not written anywhere in the constitution about having to pay taxes on wages earned, but I digress.  During the process, I was so bent out of shape on having to do it, even while I was doing it.  Every year, I tell myself that next year, I am going to hire someone to do it for me, and when that time comes, I end up doing it myself.  So, I’m laying it down for next, I will hire someone to do my taxes in 2010 (smarmy grin…).  

In other news, I was in kind of a slump from about last Thursday, up until… well, to the point I completed my taxes.  The shocker is, I must’ve really been internally irritated with having to do them and not realizing that it was affecting my outlook.  I feel more irritated with having to do taxes then I do with being unemployed, how terrible is that?  I usually do not wait until the last minute, but this time around, I did.  Now, I am just waiting for a final response from H&R Block’s Tax Cut, to inform me that the state of Arkansas has accepted my mom’s state return, because she is then required to print off an OL form and mail it in, even though the state has received it electronically.  Once that is done, I have to fax her the documents (since I live in Florida) and she will have to sign and then mail them in, easy enough, eh?  I guess this paragraph really doesn’t count as being in other news.

With all of this being the case, I am done for right now and am thrilled that I am getting something back from my taxes and not owing, like I thought I was going to have to do.  I also completed the filing for the next two weeks of unemployment this morning and have a few blogs that I am dancing around with.  I even have a few plans for this week, which I am still debating if I am going to do them or not.  All in all, even with the stress of taxes and another annoyance to chalk up to the state of Arkansas (I am still not sure why mom moved there and I want it to be clear that I am not from there, nor is my family.  Seattle, WA is my birth and home town, all the way!), the haziness of my past weekend has broken free.  The bad thing about procrastination is that you hope until the very last minute that you won’t have to do what you have to do and then, you end up doing it, having all kinds of grief in the process. My most infamous response for all things annoying: Ugh! (smarmy grin…)