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This past weekend was a lot more active then my previous ones of late.  On Thursday, I was at the FX International Show, because a friend of mine and her husband host conventions primarily in the southeast states.  Their more famous convention, which her husband has been doing for about 7 years now, is called Repticon.  Now, they are starting another convention in the Science Fiction & Fantasy/Comic Book genre and will be hosting their first annual Creature Con on May 30th and 31st at the Central Florida Fair Grounds.  In an effort to drum up vendor support, she needed someone to host her booth on Friday, April 17, 2009.  Basically, I just informed consumers of the FX Show about the upcoming Creature Con, which freed her up to meet and entice vendors to come to Creature Con.  I was a bit hesitant about doing this at first, but I think I did quite well and was even able to get almost half of one of her sheets filled with email addresses from people who were interested in being reminded of the upcoming Creature Con.  In addition to this, I walked around the convention floor and was reminded of my past interests in this industry that I used to belong to as an avid comic book collector.  It was only 5 or 6 years ago that I collected comic books and other comic book related collectibles.  Although I have since given this past time up, I am still very knowledgeable of this industry and its popularity.

During my time at the FX Show, I made one attempt to meet someone famous.  I was able to shake hands and compliment James Kyson Lee, who is steadily becoming more famous for his role as Ando on the hit TV series, Heroes!  It was quite cool.  I’m not one of these fans that like to collect autographs or idolize anyone, so I just told him that I wanted to thank him and his colleagues for putting out a great show and then I shook his hand.  He thanked me for the compliment and I walked back to my booth.  All in all, not a bad Friday!

Saturday: April 18, 2009

I spent most of this day helping a friend of mine, Kelly, move into her new apartment.  Even through all the sweat and heavy breathing, I had a great time and it was fun to help out.  My arms are sore and I feel like I started working out again (something that I actually should be doing, read below), but it was a good time nonetheless.  I was dead tired when I finally got home at around 7pm (I had been moving since 9am), but I had to take a shower and then get ready to head out to a local sports bar to watch UFC 97.

Let me just say this, outside of a few fights (Liddel, you’re still great man, don’t worry!), I should’ve really stayed home.  I really like Anderson Silva, but maybe it was really Thales Leites fault for this being such a boring match.  I literally fell asleep while sitting on a stool chair, in a noisy sports bar filled with cigarette smoke, 3-4 times.  I kind of attribute this to also being excessively tired from moving.  Second, the fight in the bathroom at the sports bar seemed to be more exciting then the UFC fight on TV!  Yes, someone was beaten up, and badly, in the bathroom.  I had seen him earlier walking around with his “tough guy” shirt on trying to hit on a few ladies, guess he hit on the wrong one!  I really hope the next Anderson Silva fight is better than this, cause the last two have not been a testament to how good of a fighter he really is.

In terms of working out, I have some gear coming from Amazon.com shortly.  I am going to give another shot at working out, now that I have time on my hands, using the P90x system.  Not sure if I should cringe or not, but wish me well!

Sunday: That would be today

I woke up around 9am and got a few more things together on my laptop so that I can start doing backups of my data soon.  Then I went outside and saw a huge turtle sitting out in the sun near my car.  I went over to it and it literally hissed at me several times, while I touched it’s shell.  I didn’t pick it up or anything, just rubbed it’s shell.  It was pretty fast for a turtle, as it moved away from me.  I guess it didn’t like me bothering it, but in an effort to ease its anger, I quickly went in and chopped up a green apple into pieces (first searching the internet to make sure it was OK to feed them apples) and took it out to him (I’m assuming it is a “he”).  After throwing a few pieces on the ground, it soon ate them all up, then ate some grass and walked back into the woods.  That was actually fun.  It’s good to just do a minor thing, such as interact with nature from time to time.  I seem to over look it more often then I should.

Outside of being unemployed, my weekend has been great.  Enjoyed the convention, helping a friend move, watched UFC 97 and fed a turtle.  If future days go as good as these last three (with Sunday being good “so far”), then I shouldn’t have too many problems.  It’s nice not having any stress!