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I was just reviewing some of the few sites that I go to these days and on Digg they have a link to the official Google Blog where Google is stating that they’re using goats to mow their lawn.  Now, this isn’t a new thing by any means.  Animals, such as goats, have always grazed off the land.  But what I believe is unique about this story is that a major corporation is taking the whole “green aspect” to a new level.  And with the usage of goats, they obtain a number of benefits, all of which are not fully listed here:

  1. The usage of the goats cost the same as hiring someone to mow their lawns
  2. The goats fertilize the land as they eat (c’mon, you know how this is done, right?)
  3. The lawn is maintained

Indirectly, there’s also the benefit to the farmer that owns the goats.  He/she is able to have their goats fed a few times a week for free AND he/she still is able to earn revenue for providing the goats as a service to Google.  This impacts the farming community, because it may entice more companies to consider utilizing nature in this way when they have huge lots of land to maintain.  Please visit the article to read more: Mowing with goats.