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New Theme: Ocean Mist!

I just completed the new update and improved look to my blog.  I left the Vigilance theme… for now.  When I saw this Ocean Mist theme, I knew that I had to use it.  Vigilance was great, but I was impacted by the color of blue being used and wanted it for my site.  I have literally been working on this for about 3 hours as I needed to find a new set of icons for my social media profiles and then learn a tiny bit of HTML code to get them to list right.  I probably chose too big of a size, but for now, the icons are fine with me.  The picture that I am using at the top is one that I took when I went to San Diego, CA about six years ago.  I was in a cab at the time and took the shot.  I thought it was nice and decided to use it for my blog’s main image.  Plus, for me it symbolizes the “running without condition“, which to me means stopping for nothing and doing all that I can with what I have, without any hard line expectations.

This is it for now and I hope you enjoy!  Please comment and let me know what you think!