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Had a couple of days of partying and fun. On Friday, May 8th, I went out to a former colleague’s birthday celebration at BJ’s Brewhouse (if you like this place, you can also find them on Facebook and become a fan). I’ve been to this place before and although I am not much of a fan of their beers (as they are a brewhouse, as noted above), I do like one of their dishes, which is their jambalaya. I like spicy food and they put a good amount of seasoning in it. It was an overall fun time, which for a few of us, ended up spilling over to the Blue Martini (a dance and lounge bar). I always have a hard time at places like this, not because I do not like the music or the scenery, but because I always feel a bit out of my element there. It’s not an environment that’s conducive to the type of person that I am, but it’s still nice to try and do things that do not perfectly fit with who you are.  Regardless, I had fun and after a few drinks, I headed home.

Saturday, May 9th

Another former colleague of mine is having to go back to her home state of Massachusetts. She was laid off a few months after I was, from the same company, and mostly all of the former colleagues and personal friends came out to wish her well and see her off in the only way a blue-eyed, small wonder should have it done, a party at Firkin & Keglers! After a number of hours of a few drinks, eats and watching people bowl, I ended up returning home. This marked the first time I had ever been to this place, which looks like a place that has an element for everyone built into it. It was fun and equally great to see everyone together again. It’s sad to know that she’s going to have to leave, but I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Meg. Hopefully, she knows that we’re here to help in any way we can, especially when things get better. Maybe that’ll lead to a return to Orlando for the Mcbiscuit!

It’s unfortunate that things have had to turn out the way they have for some of us, but I firmly believe that as things settle and return back to normal, we may find ourselves in even better situations and positions in the time to come.  Even if the first place isn’t the best fit, there’s bound to be the next best opportunity right around the corner. Persistence and an unyielding spirit will help guide you through, but perserverance will help keep you going!