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For a couple of days now, a number of people online (myself included) have been trying to help a fellow Facebook friend and (for some of us) a former co-worker (who was laid off as well) win the “Create Dunkin’s Next Donut” contest. Her name is Kimberly Brooks and she has already been featured in one of the Orlando’s (Florida) local newspaper blogs, Orlando Sentinel. The article entitled, “Orlando woman needs your vote to win Dunkin’ Donuts contest“, has a lot more information on the contest as well as the other finalists. I won’t repeat much here (please visit the blog or Dunkin’s website for more information about the contest), outside of asking for everyone’s help with catapulting Kim to the lead. According to Dunkin’s donut contest site, she is currently in 8th place with her submission, “Frozen Assets”. This donut would be exceptional as it is stuffed with Bavarian mint chocolate. A few of us are also using Twitter to help promote her donut. This contest will continue through May 27th, 2009, so we do not have much longer (13 days to be exact) to help her win and you can only vote once per day. So, gather your friends and head to the Create Dunkin’s Next Donut website and vote each day until the end of May. If she wins, she’ll obtain $12,000 and her donut will be sold at some Dunkin’ Donuts locations throughout the country. I know I’ll be in line to grab one and you can to, if you remember to vote for her donut: Frozen Assets!