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What a great weekend this has been. Went to a former colleague’s house party and pretty much just sat out on the pier. I was able to meet up with other friends and just talk, and pretty much chill. Saturday was a great day out here in Orlando, FL. Although it did rain later on in the evening, it was pretty much great throughout the day. Was able to take part in a boat ride on their lake, which I always enjoy sitting back on a boat and enjoying the ride. I made, what I call, “My infamy”, which is BBQ shredded beef. Suffice it to say, I received a good amount of compliments about it and it was gone in a few hours!  Very cool.

Later on, I left to go watch UFC 98 in which two of my favorite fighters, Rashad Evans and Lyoto Machida fought. Lyoto was able to defeat Rashad (who came in 18-0-1) with a knock out in the second round and take the title. Lots of speculation that Lyoto will retain this title for a long time. Personally, I was happy with either one winning, but Lyoto has a very nice, controlled style and now he is 15-0 with the title. A perfect streak, congrats! Sad to see Rashad get knocked out though. That’s life and as he said afterwards, it had to happen sometime and when it does you have to move forward. I agree with the moving forward speech, it’s what running without condition encompasses and I hope everyone will be able to continue doing the same.