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I’ve wanted to start working out for a while now, but just couldn’t get my mind in agreement with my desire. I haven’t weighed myself, which I know you should before you start working out, but let’s face it, I didn’t need another excuse not to start. A number of years ago I was part of an outdoor boot camp program and I loved it. It was great to be outside with others who shared the same desire; to lose weight and be fit. Although the fee for the boot camp program was very fair, it was still a stretch on my budget at the time. A couple of years after the boot camp, I started for a short time working out with co-workers, but that came to an end due to time constraints with everyone involved and life in general. Now that I am unemployed and am not making anywhere near the income I used to or back a couple of years ago, I decided to go with this P90x program. A friend no longer uses his P90x dvd’s, so he gave them to me. I’ve seen this infomercial a number of times on TV and the one thing that I liked about what it was advertising is that it talked quite extensively about not only maximizing your work outs, but also compensating for the plateau effect. The plateau effect (here are a few sources: Yahoo Answers and the Diet Blog’s 5 Ways to Break a Weight Loss Plateau to read more about the plateau effect and a third is my google search results on the term) is when your body gets used to the same work out pattern every day, such that it ceases to have an effect on your ability to lose weight over time. P90x compensates for this by changing the work out up over time. Now, I don’t want this blog to become a shill for advertising this system, I am only writing about why I decided to go with this program.

I’ve just completed day 3 of this (technically I didn’t do it yesterday, but I compensated in the day by doing something else. It probably wasn’t the best compensation, but I didn’t have the time) program and it is as crazy as it sounds. Everything is feeling all messed up, but in a good way. I’m about 5’7″ and I know I am over 280lbs. I think that I’m about 285lbs, but I am going to make sure at some point very soon. I’m happy to have finally started to work out. It’s something that I felt I should’ve started doing a while back. Now that I’ve been out of work, I wish I had started closer to around the time I was laid off, which was on October 15, 2008. I know that I should’ve started and I’ve blogged about that fact before in my Adrift post. No matter what, I’ve started now and I’m going to keep pushing myself to continue. I’ll chime in once in a while and blog about how well I am doing and will incorporate my changes in weight (hopefully that happens) at that time. One thing I’ve noticed about myself, is when I work out with people who are relying on me to show up and vice-versa, I’m more apt to working out. It’s almost like I need that dependency. The fight with in me right now is to figure out how to break that need and bring it back onto myself. So, while you can feel free to help keep me honest, I’ll be doing the same!