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The title says it all and to be honest, I’ve been very busy with a few things. I haven’t forgotten about this blog, but I have been neglecting it (can you really neglect a blog?). I’m committed to continue writing and expressing my opinions and thoughts. I’ve had a few of my readers (wow, I actually have a few, that’s awesome!) ask me if I have any more planned content. I can tell you that I have a few posts that are still being written. I know that I want to write about my personal year in review, but when I was laid off, I had an abundance in time. Now that I am working again, having moved, getting my life back together and setting things up on a personal front; the act of writing has taken a back seat.

As of today, I am looking forward with the same perspective I had during my lay off. I want to continue this with a renewed vigor and spirit. I still find how amazing it is that as we stand in the middle of the constant shifting that happens around us, there are still those pocket moments of opportunity that make themselves available at odd moments in our life and allows one to step through to other possibilities. I firmly believe this and I think this is becoming one of those times for me to get back to this blog.