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With it you settle for nothing; without it you simply exist

Most people think of that word in relation to the muscular organ that is internal to each of us.  However, the word heart generally resonates into something much deeper within our consciousness.  Sometimes it simply means putting everything you have into everything you do. Often times it is used as an adjective by coaches and sport teams to describe what is lacking to achieve the desired result.  In all of its uses and descriptions, we all inherently know what it means to simply say: “He or she has heart”.

It’s an indomitable character trait that many do not have and those that don’t either wish they did or try to stifle it out of others before it ever comes to fruition.  It can be seen as a threat by people who can’t understand an individual’s passion or why a person keeps getting up when so much is being put on them to either quit or fall in line with others who have stopped trying.

Yet, in those moments that you push yourself forward when all else fails; when in the face of others condemning you to the impossibility of success, you continue.  You feel deep inside that, for reasons unknown, persistence is a must.  The idea of giving up doesn’t exist.  It’s that pounding in your chest that you mistake for the beating of your life, rather it instills a different feeling, one that yields to confidence and conviction.  Knowing what you want and going for it.  Settling for nothing.  Our hearts beat to regulate not only our internal bodily processes, but also the pumping of our will.  It pushes that blood-curdling adrenaline to allow you to continue.  It’s what causes you to go forward, when others try to pull you down with them.  It’s the sudden rage that pushes you onward when all you have has been stripped away.  That last internal voice that says, “You can do it. Don’t give up. There’s no one here but you and you are all you need.”

You can choose to do nothing, to never try, or you can persist beyond all measure of the chance to succeed just for the benefit of knowing you gave it your all.  This is beyond you having just tried; this is accepting the possibility of failing without reservation or total success… without condition.

Not everyone can accept or see the peculiar traits and/or desires that reside in other people who seem to have a different view to everything.  The challenge for them is to be open to accepting these views and traits that creates the diverse nature between each of us.  However, the challenge for you is to not give in to them or their self-defeating mind set, even if it’s entirely unintentional.

The fog on my mind is starting to clear up and I personally started on a new initiative for myself on November 3rd, 2012.  Actually, it started a bit earlier this year, but I’ve decided to renew my commitment to it and to push myself harder to obtain my goal.  I’ve already been told I won’t be able to do it.  I’ve already almost wavered, but successfully stayed on my course.  While I won’t mention exactly what this is to everyone right now, some people already know.  In the coming months I will talk about what it is I am doing in it’s entirety.  This is my personal goal.  And with the force of my will, the support of those that know and the strength of my heart, I will see it through.

Because right now, especially in our current times, this heart is what I need to count on and to move forward with.  It will be the one thing that, when all else fails, won’t.