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Returning to what’s right.

In my previous post, entitled Heart, I wrote about settling for nothing and also made mention that I had started on a new path that I was going to share at a later date. Today is that day. On November 3rd, 2012, I set upon the path of doing 100 days of vegetable and fruit juicing. I did this because I wanted to, above all else, lose weight and get into better physical shape, both internally and externally. In addition to this, and before November 3rd, I have been a member at Alliance Jiu Jitsu since March 23rd, 2012 (no, I haven’t been doing Jiu Jitsu… yet), just taking part in their Fighter Fitness course which is a blend of Crossfit and cardio workouts. I made one concession for the vegetable and fruit juicing, due to the level of the weight lifting, I would have a protein shake/smoothie before and after class. While this doesn’t actually classify as being on a true vegetable and fruit juice diet (where you would only take in vegetable and fruit juices, which I have done in my past on a few different occasions), I felt this was necessary for my goals and beyond this, have only drank juice for all my other meals. My completion date for this is February 11th, which means that I am currently in my last month.

So, the question that’s probably coming up is where was I when I started and where am I now? Well, we need to go back a little to discuss when I started and what my initial weight was back in the summer of 2011. This was the time that I decided I had to make a change, physically, in my life and I wasn’t quite sure how. I was around 287 – 290 lbs. and at this time, I had heard about vegetable and fruit juicing, but was still researching it, until I came across a documentary on Netflix called, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead“. This documentary helped to change my entire understanding and outlook on what I was eating and how it helped and/or hindered my body’s own ability to heal itself and be healthy. Once I saw this movie, it all made better sense to me and I realize that I had to be more diligent in my diet and what I consumed, both internally and externally (I’ll write another blog post on the product changes I’ve made at a later time). Once I watched this movie, I then researched the type of juicers that were in my budget and after a few purchases and returns, I finally settled on the Breville Juice Fountain Multi-Speed Juicer. I did my first initial effort of vegetable and fruit juicing for 2 months. To be honest, I wasn’t perfect on that attempt. There were a few days during the 2 months that I had a meal that wasn’t juice. It was my first time and it was a bit difficult, to say the least. My best effort was 3 weeks long with only juice before my first crack hit. However, I was OK with this and just got back on the juicing afterwards and kept at it. At the end of the 2 months, I found that I was 85% successful and I fell off 15% of the time.

While attempting my juice program, I also worked out with a friend who was trying to get into the Police Academy, so I had some form of a foundation to keep me working out. During the summer of 2011, I went from 287 lbs to 260 lbs. Once my friend had to move on with his goals, I realized I needed to find something else that would keep me on track with working out. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this new foundation until March of 2012, which is when I found Alliance. I knew that I wanted to get adjusted with Alliance’s program and see how this school would work for me, but I always had the thought in my head that I would do another 2 months of juicing at a later date. Yet, when I was nearing the time to start, I found a video on YouTube about a man that was over 300 lbs and he decided to do 100 days of juicing (click the following link to watch his video, called 100 Day Juice Fast). This video, after seeing his results, single handedly made me choose 100 days over my 2 months. I also decided to do this juice fast, because I noticed that I was hovering around 240 lbs – 250 lbs while actively working out from late March 2012 to November 2012 and felt I needed to do something more drastic to force my body to start letting the fat fall.

At the start of my juicing fast, I was 250 lbs on November 3rd, 2012 and now, as of January 13, 2013, I am 218 lbs. I have dropped 32 pounds in just a little over a 2 month period and a total of 69 lbs since the summer of 2011. I have gone down 10 pant sizes and dropped 3 shirt sizes as well. I am ecstatic at the weight loss. I have had my physical and my doctor knows of my juicing, and is entirely behind it. He has noted that my weight loss has been consistent and healthy, while all my vitals have improved drastically in all the right areas and have decreased in all the wrong areas that were reflected on my blood test and compared to my previous year’s blood test.

It is true that when you give your body what it needs and remove what it doesn’t, it can begin the process of healing the damage you have caused by being ill-informed on the wrong aspects of nutrition. I still have a long ways to go and by the end of my juicing fast, I’m hoping to be at or under 200 lbs.

In another post, I will talk more about the juices I make and my specific regimen on intake. But for now, I am staying focused on what I am doing and am looking forward to reaching my new goals. I apologize for the rushed writing of this post, it’s not in my usual tone or style, but I keep telling myself to write this up and then I end up either forgetting or delaying it. I am trying to end the excuses and to just do it.